Wellon Hydrogen Water Machine

Product Code: HYD_MACHINE

Price: MRP:100,000Rs.
Selling Price: 60,000Rs.40%
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Net Weight: 1.5KG
Size: H258*W 170*D110MM
Materials of Electrode: Platinum Coating
Min. Water Flow: 0.5L/MIN
Best Water Flow: 0.8 ~ 1.5L/MIN
H2 Concentration Range: 500 ~ 1200ppb
Materials of Control Panel: Acrylic Control Panel
Continuous Working Time: About 60MIN
Functional Levels: 2H2 Water levels, 1 Purified Water Level,1 O3 Water Level, 1 Cleaning level
 Hydrogen water contains hydrogen molecules that can act as powerful antioxidants. 
It helps neutralize oxygen free radicals that contribute to disease development, inflammation,
   and aging.
Molecular hydrogen could penetrate into virtually every organand cell in the body 
   (including the brain)where it may have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, weight-loss, and 
   anti-allergy activity.
Improves a wide variety of diseases.
Is not toxic even at high concentrations.
Protects organs.
Improves Bone and Muscle health.
Reduces Body Weight and Cholestrol.
Reduces Acidity and cleans intestines.

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