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 Uses of Alkaline Water

  1. Animals And Pets:
  • Used as drinking water to improve health
  • Healthier fur
  • Less odor in feces
  • Helpful in  preventing  skin disease and itching


  1. Plants/Flowers
  • Healthier
  • Longer blossom duration
  • Less water needed
  • No pesticides needed
  • Extending the bloom & greenness of plants


  1. Fruits and Vegetables
  • Soak fruits and vegetables in alkaline water for about 2 hours will dissolve some of the pesticide residues from the surface of the fruits and vegetables.


  1. Dyeing
  • More vivid colors shown after the dyeing of garments and other items.



Filtered (Neutral):pH7

Filtered water contains equal concentrations of H+ & OH- ions.It is Suitable to drink with medication and good for both infant and adult.

When cleaning fruits and vegetables, use a small amount of baking soda dissolved in the filtered water to facilitate removal of any pesticide residue.






Beauty and cosmetic effects of acidic water

Since acidic water has an astringent effect and a constricting action, it will firm and smooth the skin when it is used for face washing and bathing. Acidic water is also effective in the treatment and prevention of pimples and skin spots, etc.

  1. Washing the face: acidic water makes the skin smooth, improves skin health and improves its compatibility with makeup.
  2. Shampooing: when used to wash the hair before and after shampooing, it protects the hair, prevents hair loss, dandruff, and itching, and leaves the hair soft and manageable.
  3. You can shave without shaving cream… use only acidic water.
  4. Bathing: The Body will be warmed up when 6 to 10 liters of acidic water is mixed into water with a pH 4.0. Acidic water is effective for overall beauty of your skin.


Voltage                                              AC 110 ~ 240V/  .50/60 Hz

Electricity                                          DC -2A~6A

Power Consumption                    100 W

Dimensions                                      W 278 X H 335 D 140 mm

ORP Level                                       +500 MV To – 800 MV 

Filtration Capacity                          10,000 Liters

Power Protection Device             Fuse 6.3 A

Max Production Yield                    3.5 L / MIN

                  Electrolysis Method                    Constant Electrolysis


Note: The chlorine and 6,000 Liters will be affected by different water sources and maintenance of the water ionizer.



  • Depending on source water.


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