WELLON Hydrogen Water Generating Tea Bag for Water pH Rises (Pack of 1)

Product Code: B07Q3412WF

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Selling Price: 250Rs.16%
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  • Wellon Hydrogen Tea bag helps improving peoples health, boosts immunity system, helps with major diseases especially various chronic disease.
  • Negative potential water is able to balance the pH value of the human body providing anti-oxidant effect.
  • Hydrogen ceramic balls produce low or negative REDOX potentials and provide ORP water, When we put hydrogen ceramic ball into water, it produces micro bubbles and make natural hydrogen dissolved water, It produces H+ and OH- ions during natural electrolysis process. H+ ions make hydrogen dissolved water while OH- makes alkaline water.
  • Application: Water treatment and water filtration materials. It is used in large water works, household water purifier filter element, water bottles, cups, shower, etc..

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