Wellon Pro Washing Machine Filter for for Very Hard Water Protection to Remove Hardness and Scaling (Pro)

Product Code: Washing machine

Price: MRP:1,200Rs.
Selling Price: 480Rs.60%
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  • It helps in controlling scale and bacteria, algae and iron from water.
  • As a selective adsorbent, it helps in controlling arsenic fluoride and sulphur from fluid streams.
  • Zeolite is used to dry natural gas, along with performing desulfurization & decarbonation of gas.
  • To protect your washing machine, washing dishes machine such as water pipeline and home appliances by soften the water. Inside Filter Media is food grade
  • Package include : 1 washing machine filter
  • TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS 1. maximum temperature of 40 Celsius degree 2. maximum pressure 7kg/cm2 3. water outlet male thread ¾” 4. water inlet female ¾”

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