Wellon Portable Shower Water Cartridge Filter for Removing Chlorine, Heavy Metals and Making Hard Water Soft

Product Code: Shower Water Cartridge Filter

Price: MRP:1,400Rs.
Selling Price: 700Rs.50%
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Cartridge Material KDF+ Calcium Sulfite +Mineral Stone 1. Suitable for the water where chlorine is too much. 2. KDF is removing 98% of chlorine, most heavy metals, odour. The chlorinated water phenomenon can be reduced markedly. 3. Calcium sulfite, it remove chlorine instantly, mineralizing the water quality, sterilize and kill bacteria, adsorb toxic metal ion, adjusting water pH. 4. Mineral stone will release mineral substance into the water, and supply various kinds of necessary mineral substance to our body skin, making you enjoy at home. Service life: 6-12 months Immediately upon use , you will no longer be showering “in chlorine”. In about 5 to 7days, the natural balance of your skin and hair should be restored, contributig to healthier,softer skin and less brittle hair. Enjoy the following benefits: - Removes chlorine and heavy metals instantly - Softer, silkier, more manageable hair - Reduction in dry, frizzy, or brittle hair - Less itching and flaking of skin and scalp - Less irritation to the eyes - Smoother, supple, younger looking skin - Soaps and shampoos with a richer lather - Helps to protect expensive hair colors - The Natural Way to Skin and Hair Care Healthy Water & Healthy Life

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